Ford Foundation Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships In Economics

These Overseas Post-doctoral Research Fellowships in Economics (Maximum non-extendable duration of 12 months) are tenable at prominent foreign universities or economics research institutions and are intended to strengthen research and teaching capabilities in India in Macroeconomics, International Economics, Public Economic and provide opportunities for Indian scholars to improve their skills in these areas through course work. Proposals of both empirical and theoretical research in these and also other wothwhile areas such as environmental economic and economics of finance will be considered.

Eligibility: Indian citizens permanently employed in Indian universities, colleges or research institutions, with a Ph.D. in economics and below 40 years of age as on the last date prescribed for receipt of completed applications, are eligible for these research fellowships. Other things being equal, preference is given to candidates teaching in university or college. However, no one who has already been abroad for professional research/ training for a period of more than four months is considered for the fellowship. Only persons holding permanent positions are eligible to apply. The fellowships are admisistered in India by the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy.

Value: Scholars who are awarded fellowships may be given, on their return home, financial assistance to follow up research which they would be taking up during the tenure of their fellowships.

Last date: August .


The Associate (Admin & Fin), National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, 18/2 Satsang Vihar Marg, Special Institutional Area, New Delhi 110 017.

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