Greenfoot Coding Contest 2009

Greenfoot is a combination between a framework for creating two-dimensional grid assignments in Java and an integrated development environment (class browser, editor, compiler, execution, etc.) suitable for novice programmers. While Greenfoot supports the full Java language, it is especially useful for programming exercises that has a visual element. In Greenfoot object visualization and object interaction are the key elements.

The challenge:
Invent an interesting Greenfoot scenario, implement it, and submit it
To the Greenfoot Gallery. Submissions get scored in a number of
Categories (details below). The best submissions at the end of the
Competition wins the prizes.

University of Kent at Canterbury (UK) and Deakin University Melbourne (Australia), funded by Sun Microsystems.

Important dates
Deadline for Submission: November 30, 2008

Eligibility criteria
Students under 16 years in primary or secondary school , Students in secondary education with 16 + years , University students and adults

The prizes:
3 Nintendo Wii games consoles
3 iPod Touch (8GB)
6 Greenfoot coffee mugs
The prizes were donated by Sun Microsystems – see also Sun’s Young Developers page.

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