SOMAS-URM: Summer-Research Grants Programme 2009

This request for student research proposals from the Maine – USGS Water Research Resources Institute (a program of the Mitchell Center), constitutes part of the FY09 Maine grants program as authorized by the federal Water Resources Research Act of 1984 as amended. This request is for undergraduate and graduate research projects in the areas of water resources and related environmental sciences. Projects involving
field-based studies will be given priority, subject to a research panel review. Student projects have been allotted a total of $30,000 (depending on Congressional appropriations).

Eligibility criteria
(i) Investigators must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students at a Maine College or university.
(ii) Faculty may not be listed as co-PIs; faculty advisors must be named in Proposals.
(iii) This program supports water resource-related research. Projects primarily focusing on human health, specific biological organisms or communities (unless to be used as an indicator or wider application), oceanography, or exclusively marine issues are not eligible for this program under federal rules. Estuarine
proposals are eligible for funding.

2008 SOMAS Award Winners!

Veronica Martinez Acosta, Ph.D.
University of the Incarnate Word
Lisa Gabel, Ph.D.
Lafayette College
Robert Calin-Jageman, Ph.D.
Dominican University
Karen Baskerville, Ph.D.
Lincoln University

Program Coordinator
SOMAS Program
Davidson Consulting Group
Box 7097
Davidson College
Davidson, NC 28035-7097

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