Andhra University B.Com Syllabus,1st Year Paper 6 : Industrial Organisation & Management


The objective of this paper is to introduce the students to the various concepts of Business. Industry, Commerce and Trade and Management.

UNIT I: Introduction: Concepts of Business, Industry, Commerce, Trade, Plant and firm -objectives of Business -forms of Business Organisation and their salient features – Sole Trader, Partnership, H.U.F., Companies and cooperatives Company Promotion and documentation *

UNIT II: Structure and Size of Industry: Industrial structure – Public, Private, Joint and Cooperative sectors. Definition of size of industrial unit – Measurement of size – Optimum size of firm – different optima – Representation firm.

UNIT III: State and Industry and Industrial Finance: Factors affecting industrialisation – Industrial policy – Liberalisation and consequences, Globalization – Privatization – Role of M.N.C.s in Industrial-development – Definition of S.S.T. Problems & Prospects of SCSI.; Long term and short term finances – fixed and working capital finances – sources of Finance – Stock Exchanges – Functions and services -working of stock exchanges in individual Mutual Funds – Role of SEBI in regulating capital market.

UNIT IV: Introduction to Management: Definition and significance of Management – Different approaches to management – Functions of Management.

UNIT V: Planning and Organisation: Meaning – Importance and steps in planning -Types of plans, meaning and forms of organization. Authority and power – Distinction -Delegation.

Books Recommended

1. Koontz & C. Donnel Principles of Management;
2. Newman, H. William Summer, etc.: The Process of Management;
3. Drucker, Peter: Management Tasks, Responsibilities and Practices;
4. Davar, R.S. Rustam: The Management of Process;
5. YK. Bhushan: Business Organisation & Management;
6. Jagdish Prakash: Business Organisation & Management;
7. M.C. Shukla: Business Organisation & Management;
8. S.C. Chaterjee: Modern Business.

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