Osmania University Degree Courses Syllabus of Bachelor Science (B.Sc) – Electronics-Paper I


Unit – I

Basic Components and Electric Circuits: Units and scales, Charge, Current, Voltage, and Power, voltage and current sources – Ohms Law.

Voltage and Current Laws: Introduction, Nodes, Paths, Loops, and Branches. Kirchofrs Current law, Kirchofrs voltage law, the single loop circuit, the single Node-Pair circuit, series and parallel connected independent sources, resistors in series and parallel, voltage and current division.

Basic Nodal and Mesh Analysis : Introduction, Nodal analysis, the super node, Mesh analysis, the super mesh, Nodal Vs. Mesh analysis

Useful circuit analysis techniques: Introduction, linearity and superposition, source transformations, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, Maximum Power transfer, Delta-Wye conversion, Selecting an approach: a comparison of various techniques. A Practical application of the techniques : introduction to Operational amplifier, an ideal Op Amp, cascade stages, Amore detailed model for the Op Amp.

[ Chapters 1 - 6 of Engineering Circuit Analysis H,K & D I

Unit - II

Capacitors and Inductors: The capacitor, the inductor, inductance capacitance combinations, Consequences of linearity, simple Op Amp circuits with capacitors. Duality.

RL and RC Circuits: Introduction, the source-free RL circuit, properties of the exponential response, the source free RC circuit.

The Unit Step Function, Driven RL circuits, Natural Response and Forced Response, Driven RC circuits.

RLC Circuits: Introduction, the source-free parallel circuit, the over damped parallel RLC Circuit, Critical Damping, Under damped Parallel RLC circuit. Source-free Series RLC circuit, the complete response of the RLC circuit Practical application, the lossless LC circuit

[ Chapters 7 - 9 of Engineering Circuit Analysis H,K & D ]

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